4 Days to Tau Day: Tau and Its Digits

Like so many mathematicians, I have lots of pi stuff, which is a little embarrassing now that I’m so overtly on Team Tau.  (Eesh.. how nerdy do you have to be to not want to wear a Super-Pi t-shirt in public … because it’s the wrong convention for naming the circle constant?)

My favorite, though, is that shirt … you’ve probably seen one … with the digits of pi formatted in the shape of pi.  (I’ve also seen the same for phi, the golden ratio, but I don’t own that.)  I wish I had the analogous thing for tau, but I don’t think anyone’s made that yet.

As a first step… here’s this, which I whipped up with Mathematica.

The Digits of Tau

That was dashed off pretty quick, over lunch; I plan to make some prettier versions, including a mathematica notebook to automatically do the same thing for an image of your choice.


2 Responses to 4 Days to Tau Day: Tau and Its Digits

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  2. Emily VA says:

    Cafe Press or similar is the obvious solution here.

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