Link: Math Mutation Podcast

I recently discovered the Math Mutation podcast, which might be of interest to many of you.

According to the tagline, Math Mutation explores fun, interesting, or just plain weird corners of mathematics that you probably didn’t hear in school.

At the time of my writing this, there are 120 episodes, but don’t be intimidated.  Each is only a couple minutes long, lasting just long enough for the host to show you a little gem of mathematics or mathematical thinking.

In such a short format, a certain amount of oversimplification is inevitable, and much that is fascinating gets left unsaid.  But the amount he manages to say in such a short time is commendable, and it’s always enough to get you thinking.

Better, each episode comes with some useful links, so if something grabs your attention you’ll have some leads on where to get more information. Even if the links aren’t enough, the podcast reliably gives you enough information to successfully google for more.

So if you want to see the weirder side of math in a user-friendly setting aimed an extremely wide spectrum, and you like your ideas in bite-size portions, help yourself to a Mutation or two.


One Response to Link: Math Mutation Podcast

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, glad you like the podcast!
    — Erik (Math Mutation host)

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