Happy New Year!

It’s 2010, and your friendly neighborhood Cap is back from his holiday hiatus.  Back with a non-default wordpress theme, back with some links in the sidebar, back with a sackful of ideas for making this blog better.

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or checking things out for the first time, welcome, welcome.  Thanks for looking in on me in the new year.

During my hiatus I’ve received a number of very encouraging emails from well-wishing readers; for those I thank you.  It’s good to learn that so many of you are finding my words meaningful.

If you’re new here, the “About the Blog” link above will give you some idea of what we’re all about here.  And if you’re wondering about the seemingly inexplicable title of this blog, the “What’s in a blog name?” link should help.

The holidays have given me a chance to reflect on Not About Apples so far, and I have plenty of ideas about what I think has worked and what I can make better.  I have high hopes for this year; stay tuned.

In particular, notice that the sidebar has some interesting links now, and more will be added (as I’ve said elsewhere, I have very little patience for the wordpress link manager).  There’s some good stuff over there, so pick one and give it a click!  Have a favorite blog that you think belongs there?  Have a blog of your own that I should know about?  Please let me know; the blogosphere is a big place, getting bigger every day, and I’ll never find everything worth finding without a lot of help.

Expect new articles on Monday mornings and recommended links on Fridays, plus whatever minor posts my whimsy may send you at other times.



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