Numbers on the BBC

Because I happened to listen the BBC on the satellite radio on my flight back from Florida the other day, I just so happened to hear about a three-part series in their Discovery line which will probably be of interest to readers of this blog: Numbers that Shaped the World.  Catchy, huh?

The first of three parts aired today, 2 September, but if you missed it (like I did), you can hear it online.  Part 2 airs on 9 September and part 3 on 16 September.

(Oh, I’d listen to part 1 today or tomorrow if I were you.  I don’t know how long they keep things like this available online, but I doubt it’s forever.)

The BBC has a very good track record for producing pieces with mathematical content that really get at the heart of mathematical thinking, that are not, to put it bluntly, about apples.

So I’m looking forward to hearing this unfold.  Join me, won’t you?


One Response to Numbers on the BBC

  1. Dave Lee says:


    Just spotted this while doing the rounds. Thought I’d let you know that we do indeed keep things online forever (unlike the UK-only iPlayer) – so you have plenty of time to listen.

    Glad you enjoyed part one.

    Best wishes,

    (BBC World Service)

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