Three Book Recommendations

6 August 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about books.  About all the books I’ve read, all the books I want to read. And the ever-lengthening list of books that have been recommended to me.  But even though I suspect I will never get through all the books on this lift, I am always grateful for a well-thought-out recommendation.

In that spirit, today I want to recommend three books to anyone who has enjoyed any post on this site.  Each of them is full of information about the history of mathematics, brain-strengthening math content, and most importantly to us deep insights into the Zen of mathematics.  I assure you that none of these books is about apples.

Today’s Recommendations (alph. by author)

  • Prime Obsession, by John Derbyshire
  • Journey Through Genius: the great theorems of mathematics, by William Dunham
  • An Imaginary Tale: The Story of \sqrt{-1}, by Paul Nahin.

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